Why You Should Give Fortnite Players the Win..

How I Gave This Fortnite Player a Free Crown Win! #shorts
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Hey everyone it’s Noskii, and Welcome back to another Fortnite Battle Royale video! Today I Saw a Chaos Agent Fortnite Skin with a Crown in the Lobby! So I used the Crowning Achievement Emote to see How Many they had! I tried to Be a Friendly Fortnite Player to them and ended up Giving them a Free Crowned Victory Royale Win in Chapter 4! Shoutout to this Homie! Enjoy 🙂

#fortnite #fortniteshorts

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38 thoughts on “Why You Should Give Fortnite Players the Win..

  1. LeonDeals

    I did this once for a random. It didn't happen like this tho but they added me afterwards to thank me. Now I was hesitant at first because y'all know how randoms can be. But it turned out to be some teenager who literally just lost his mom a couple days prior and was trying to get his mind off things. So I stayed friends with him and now we play a lot. I've gotten him at least 10 crown wins now.

  2. Anti-Furry Soldier

    The cat is sad coz it’s not getting likes
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