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You didn’t think we’d leave out our favorite genius princess did you? Allow your pup to cosplay as the ocean’s favorite fish with this Dory Halloween costume. Check out Rubie’s Costume Company Halloween Aladdin Jasmine Dog Costume here. Your pup will show you a whole new world with the cuteness of this Halloween dog costume! She will brighten up everyone’s day around the neighborhood or party with this super cute outfit.

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And back to Doctor Who in a wibbly-wobbly time loop… As the tour wraps up we walk past a rail marked Dr. Who. Like his son, Azazel has the ability to teleport through the Brimstone Dimension, though his ability is more powerful as he doesn’t have to see the area to which he wants to teleport. The version of King Shark from the Harley Quinn show is way more laid back than others, green lantern costumes only having flashes of his desire to chomp down on a human for supper.