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I think definitions about costumes being accurate to what you see on the screen are a bit too restrictive: fans express themselves in a lot of different ways, and things like costume mashups or people reenacting memes or brief, memorable moments from a film, to people who throw something together out of cardboard or scraps is just as valid as the super-accurate builds. That’s a really broad definition, and in the book, miku cosplay I ended up talking about things like the history of Halloween and how it came to become such a big pop-culture holiday.

arkham knight cosplay costume

Mark smiles when one of our group ask about an urban legend we’ve all heard about; that at some point they found an original Alec Guinness Obi-Wan robe in a box marked ‘Monks’. Obi-Wan’s robe could be tucked away in here and you’d never know… T’Challa is the best, clearly, so grab one of these Black Panther suits from CosplayNWigs, a Black Panther babysuit from Nerd00Panda or these black panther PJs for the little bitties in your life and you’re good to go.