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Check section 5C for their location 1st area Key: ND key Unlocks: ? Location/Time: A1, 3:00 am Key: IG key Unlocks: Mian Huan video Location/Time: E8 (in cave) Key: EE key Unlocks: Ashrah’s alt costume Location/Time: H4, 5:00 pm Key: AM key Unlocks: Nightwolf’s alt costume Location/Time: A4 (beat Nightwolf in Kombat) Key: BP key Unlocks: Live at Kuatan Music Location/Time: E5 NR.5 –MISSIONS– From: Guard in hut (C8) Mission: Tell 3 guards about the gathering Find them here: C8 (next to hut) C7 (next to hut) C7 (walking) Reward: 600 gold koins From: Brotherhood of Shadow member, the only one not bald (walks trough C7) Mission: Find a Brotherhood of Shadow member’s lost wristblades Find them here: A5 (very close to big round building) Reward: 400 platinum koins From: Shinnok (C7) Mission: Find Quan Chi’s amulet for Shinnok Find it here: A5 Reward: 500 platinum koins From: Bald man (A7) Mission:Find the oni that stole the spellbook and punch him Find it here: C6 Reward: 500 ruby koins From: Brotherhood of Shadow member in hut (B5) Mission: Find Sareena for the Brotherhood of Shadow Find her here: D8 (behind hut) Reward: 500 sapphire koins From: Robed man walking (through A8) Mission: Find a Sorcerer to remove the curse from the sword Find him here: Bald man in hut (A6) Reward: 500 platinum koins From: Jarek (A8) Mission: Locate three Oni teeth for Jarek Find them here: A7 (next to skeleton) A4 (outside) D5 Reward: 600 jade koins From: Oni standing (D6) Mission: Find a shield for an Oni and return it to him Find it here: F7 Reward: 400 ruby koins From: Nightwolf (outside town at C5) Mission: Find the Oni who stole the Bear Totem Find it here: C6 near bridge Reward: 500 sapphire koins From: Moloch (F3) Mission: Find Drahmin for Moloch Find it here: C6 (inside town) Reward: 500 onyx koins NR.6 –KOMBAT– C8: Shang Tsung You have interrupted Shang Tsung’s journey in the Netherealm.

While some people try to link this event with a way or a hint to find a Super Hidden Character,I just think it’s a quick way to get to Wednesday and pick the 600 onyx koins at B5. Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight each other in Chapters 3 and 8. In Chapter 3, Sub-Zero is played by Bi-Han, while in Chapter 8, Sub-Zero is played by Kuai Liang. The back of the house is in the park Reward: 250 ruby koins in a chest, if you enter the house on his left before giving him the key From: Boy with ponytail near dojo (B5) Mission: Wake up lazy boy sleeping in the woods Find him here: Woods in D4 Reward: Ninja Star From: Woman walking (B5) Mission: Find woman’s missing son Find him here: boy sparing at A3 Reward: 400 sapphire koins From: Old woman walking (B6) Mission: Deliver note to the blacksmith Find him here: B4 Reward: Nothing.

Possibly only a hint for a mission outside the village From: One sleeved boy (D5) Mission: Teach Makko a lesson Find him here: In the park (A6) Reward 1: 400 platinum koins from Mekko (after punching him) Reward 2: Parent’s hut key from one sleeved boy From: Man in front of hut (D5) Mission: Reclaim the pawned wedding ring Find it here: Hit the man in front of the vases (C6) Reward: 400 platinum koins From: Woman tending clothes (A3) Mission: Locate lost bracelet Find it here: Inside a barrel in D5 Reward: 400 ruby koins From: Old bald man in front of house (C2) Mission: Find a vase for the strange man Find it here: Inside a hut in C1 Reward: 400 jade koins From: brothers in a hut (A4, but it’s easier to look in B4) Mission: Find proof that Oni exists Find it here: C5-C6, hit the Oni walking around at 12:00 am Reward: 500 gold koins From: Old lady in hut (D5, but it’s easier to look in D4) Mission: Find a lost dog Find it here: Man in hut (C3, but it’s easier to look in C4) Reward: 400 ruby koins From: Man in hut (D4) Mission: Locate flour for the baker Find it here: Hut in B3 Reward: 400 sapphire koins From: Old woman in hut (D4) Mission: Fill the bucket with water Find it here: Reward: 400 jade koins From: Guard standing, during evening (B3) Mission: Locate five Lin Kuei before dawn Find them here: A2 (woods) A4 (behind row of houses) C4 (between house back and woods D4 (woods) B6 (behind trees at the gates) Reward: 600 jade koins From: Man in white (D2) Mission: beat him to the end of the street How to win: Use the run button (R2) Yo need to run to the bridge and grab the onyx koins that appear before him reward: 60 onyx koins –EARTHREALM OUTSIDE VILLAGE– ERO.1 –NOTES– You can go anywhere here except the Shoalin Temple.

You can find a 5th colored key in the next realm ERV.5–MISSIONS– From: coughing bald boy (C5) Mission: Find medicine for sick boy before 8:00 am Find it here: From the woman in white robe (B6) Reward: He tells you how to find a treasure From: Apep, this will be part of the story line Mission: Get some ham from the butcher to bribe the guard Find it here: from the butcher (C6) Reward: He’ll allow you to go to the other part of town From: Man walking (A6-B6) Mission: Help the villager cure his toothache Hit him here: In the face. A boy who is tasked with a quest from the Elder Gods to collect each realm’s Komidogu and to stop the realms from vanishing. A mysterious spirit, Damashi, guides you through your travels but is he who he really says he is? ERV.2–KOIN CHESTS– 2nd area D5: 200 sapphire koins C6: 200 Platinum koins 3rd area C3: 300 onyx koins C4: 250 ruby koins D1: 250 gold koins (behind dojo) 4th area A4: 200 jade koins 5th area B1: 200 sapphire koins ERV.3–ADDITIONAL KOINS– A6: Park, hit Mekko: 400 platinum koins B5: Left side of dojo @ Wednesday, 4:00 am: 600 onyx koins B5: Old woman’s hut: 65 platinum, 150 gold, 50 jade, 60 sapphire and 140 onyx koins (Need hut key) B6: (Inside hut): 400 ruby koins (Need mysterius key) C4: Hit the peeping tom at 2:00 am: 400 onyx koins C5: auction house: 170 gold koins C6: Hitting the merchants next to the butcher will also net you 200 jade koins D4: (inside hut): 140 onyx koins (Need Parent’s hut key) D6: Hut with a “?” mark inside: just 15 platinum koins ERV.4–KRYPT KEYS– Any key you miss while you are here can be found outside too.