Ranking of SCARLET WITCH Cosplay Costumes: X-Men, Avengers, MCU + Some HERSTORY About Each One!

Join me on an epic ranking journey as we delve into the fashion evolution of the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will explore her various costumes from X-Men and Avengers comic book appearances, animated TV shows, and live-action movies. For this ranking, I will be focusing on the costumes beautifully brought to life by Russell Dauterman through his fan art.

Do you agree with my rankings or do you have a different opinion? Let me know your thoughts and how you would rank them.

Here is a breakdown of the chapters and the time stamps for each costume:

0:00 – Introduction
4:10 – #24 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
6:17 – #23 House of M
9:18 – #22 Heroes Return
11:40 – #21 Avengers United They Stand
13:28 – #20 Age of Apocalypse
16:55 – #19 Wandavision
18:46 – #18 Multiverse of Madness
20:01 – #17 Unity Squad #2
23:43 – #16 X-Men Evolution
26:48 – #15 The Ultimates
31:34 – #14 Romani Wanda
36:18 – #13 Avengers Disassembled
40:34 – #12 Force Works
43:51 – #11 Pink Hips
45:46 – #10 Wolverine & The X-Men
48:21 – #9 Ch’thon
50:19 – #8 Ultimate Brotherhood
53:12 – #7 All-New, All-Different
56:17 – #6 Unity Squad #1
1:00:00 – #5 Classic Avengers
1:03:53 – #4 Modern Avengers
1:07:49 – #3 Hellfire Gala
1:11:12 – #2 Dark Witch
1:12:58 – #1 The Crossing
1:15:50 – Conclusion

For more resources on the Scarlet Witch, check out the Marvel Wiki Scarlet Witch Profile and the Uncanny X-Men.Net Scarlet Witch Profile.

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32 thoughts on “Ranking of SCARLET WITCH Cosplay Costumes: X-Men, Avengers, MCU + Some HERSTORY About Each One!

  1. Venger

    YO WHERE'D YOU GO? I just realized I haven't seen one of your videos in a while. Hope you are OK and just living life. Look forward to your return.

  2. Daniel

    You should do a ranking of Quicksilver's costumes. Since Wanda got her ranking i thought it'd make sense for her twin brother to get the same treatment.

  3. Daud Rotama

    Wanda's "Romani heritage" costume is actually not Romani at all. It's a belly dancing outfits typically used by belly dancers and, as Romani used to be thought as deriving from Egypt, the West world just depicted many Romani characters as somewhat ancient Egypt belly dancers. They also thought that Romani people were originated in Bohemia. This was before the more recent finding that revealed Romani people as a branch of Indian (the sub-continent) civilization.

    The artist who created the design for Wanda had apologized for making such a racist costume in later years as Romani visibility became more prominent.

  4. Rosa

    X-men evolution wanda intrigued me so much as a kid. I already loved scarlet witch from the comics by that point but their take on her was refreshing. Actually the whole series was really good you got to witness them improve with their abilities as the seasons came by and the storylines were also well written. Also, no fainting jean every damn episode lmao

  5. Daniel Gaines

    Classic Avengers all the way – and the Hellfire Gala look is a great modern update. Can’t follow you on the Jean Grey one 😂 but really fun to watch this list

  6. bakublade1

    I’m glad your back

    My list
    1. Hellfire Gala 2022/Scarlet Witch Vol 3
    2. All-New, All-Different
    3. Modern Avengers
    4. Wandavision
    5. Unity Squad #2
    6. AOA

  7. K Anderson

    You do an amazing job of taking the convoluted storyline mess that is comic books and presenting the information / storylines. Although I disagree in some rankings ( uncanny avengers look for the win) you made an amzing list. Thank you!

  8. Johannes P

    LOVE the Dark Scarlet Witch one. Pretty much a stylish, villainous minimalist departure from all her other trash outfits. LOL. Yup, that's what I think about all her other looks. Although I dressed in her campy classic costume for Halloween 2020 after being obsessed after watching WandaVision.