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The button sequence is Down (3) then O at about mid-close range (just far away where the player can’t hit their opponent). Fatality I is if you want to do the 1st Fatality of any player. Ed Boon has been teasing fans about Mileena’s exclusion, but has noted before that he’s never seriously said he doesn’t want Mileena to return. The Mortal Kombat cast delights nostalgic old-school gamers and new fans alike, which is one of the factors that makes this an appealing group costume idea! Right away, fans are already speculating on who this might be hinting at. Best Mortal Kombat Video Game Character Halloween Costumes: Mortal Kombat Video Game Character Costumes bring back fun memories for anybody who loved the Mortal Kombat games. A leak from a few months back that specifically named Mileena, Rain, and Rambo also mentioned that NetherRealm Studios is working on a second DLC story mode for Mortal Kombat 11. Considering that there are still five more character slots that can be filled beyond Mileena, Rain, and Rambo, the additional story mode content could be saved for another day.

Earlier today, NetherRealm Studios released a teaser that lasted for seven seconds. It seems that NetherRealm Studios might be gearing up to finally add Mileena to the mix. Mileena is very likely Mortal Kombat 11’s most requested character. References to Mileena, Rain, and Rambo can apparently be found in Mortal Kombat 11’s code following the Halloween costume update that launched on September 30. Last time, thethiny reported that Fujin, Sheeva, and RoboCop were in Mortal Kombat 11’s code shortly before they were announced. According to thethiny, a data miner that regularly reveals hidden details found in Mortal Kombat 11’s code, Rambo is one of the three characters that’s coming to Mortal Kombat 11. Interestingly enough, thethiny also notes how Rambo has access to more gear than any other fighter so far. Metal surfaces seem more reflective, and it’s easier to see the smallest details in character costumes, projectile particle effects, and gory finishers.

From Black Widow to Iron Man, and Hawkeye to Thor, there’s a character for everyone! Then I used black leather shoe polish to change the color from dirty brown to shiny black. I then spray painted it yellow. Minions is sure to be a hit film since these yellow fellows basically have the ability to print money at the box office, and it will mostly likely be popular with both kids and adults. In 2010, these little yellow bunches of fun hit the movie screen in Despicable Me and in 2015 we finally get to learn their origin story.

December 2015 is going to be a big month for movies as Luke, Han, and Leia return to the silver screen alongside a new cast of characters in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Star Wars even returned to the small screen with Disney’s Star Wars: Rebels. You could wait for costume ideas specifically from the new movie, but your favorite classic Star Wars characters are still great choices for roaming around Halloween night on a galaxy not so far away.