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This FAQ is NOT to be used for PROFITABLE or PROMOTIONAL purposes. THANK YOU– Thank you for reading my FAQ and walkthrough and I hope it helped. View the FAQ to learn more. I put on white contacts to create more drama to my costume. This Sexy Kitana Mortal Kombat Costume for Women features a shimmering blue halter top, trimmed with gold at the bottom and with with black lace across the neck line. Gauntlets: The gauntlets are a pair of old karate forearm guards which I spray painted black and yellow and screwed on the wooden pyramids. The shinguards were a pair of old soccer shinguards that I simply painted over with the design I wanted. I cut up and put black pleather material over it and again placed the spikes through that and the material of the tabard. The spikes are pieces of wood which i cut into little pyramids and screwed them onto the tabard.

Cut it up to how I needed it. Liu Kang’s default rival is a Grandall knight, in his case, Girardot Argezas. Therefore, both rival franchises share an aesthetic element with each other. It is regarded as one of the most influential fighting franchises in the history of video games, alongside Street Fighter. While we’ll cover these variants in-depth and on a character by character basis, we’ll list each one (as well as the variants to choose from) in the table below. And much like Goro, this is all made possible through the magic of CGI, resulting in an all-around impressive representation of the character. We also have other cool accessories available like masks, shoes, weapons and more. Great on their own, and even better with the other Mortal Kombat costumes and accessories in our store! I simplified the armor, no gold trim or spikes, no skull kneepads, more like the DLC Retro outfits in MK9, to make his costume look even less like a spectre who can control his appearance and more like an un-fancy Shirai Ryu.

It has had many sequels, action figures, comic books, and even film adaptations. When you come back to Earthrealm the second time, and after training with Nightwolf, you can get in there. These costumes come in various sizes; they are colourful. So you’ve managed to unlock some of the alternate costumes. Any costumes listed with multiple unlock methods, the costume can be unlocked with ANY of these methods. This costume includes skulls, bones and teeth which laden his chest and shoulders. This costume includes the top, shorts with attached apron, face mask, arm bands, gauntlets, boot tops and headpiece. 2Adult Costume Mask – License Guardians of the Galaxy Vol:2Adult Costume Mask – License ITAdult Costume Mask – License IT Chapter TwoAdult Costume Mask – License JigsawAdult Costume Mask – License Justice LeagueAdult Costume Mask – License Looney TunesAdult Costume Mask – License Lord of the RingsAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Avengers: Age of UltronAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Avengers: Infinity WarAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Black PantherAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Captain America: Civil WarAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Captain America: Winter SoldierAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel ClassicAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel DeadpoolAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Guardians of the GalaxyAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2Adult Costume Mask – License Marvel UniverseAdult Costume Mask – License Marvel Wolverine ClassicAdult Costume Mask – License Marvin the MartianAdult Costume Mask – License Money HeistAdult Costume Mask – License Mortal Kombat 9Adult Costume Mask – License PredatorsAdult Costume Mask – License Saw FranchiseAdult Costume Mask – License Scooby DooAdult Costume Mask – License Scooby-DooAdult Costume Mask – License SlipknotAdult Costume Mask – License South ParkAdult Costume Mask – License Spider-Man: Far From HomeAdult Costume Mask – License Star Trek ClassicAdult Costume Mask – License Star Trek: The Next GenerationAdult Costume Mask – License Star Wars ClassicAdult Costume Mask – License Star Wars RebelsAdult Costume Mask – License Star Wars: Clone WarsAdult Costume Mask – License Star Wars: The Force AwakensAdult Costume Mask – License Star Wars: The Last JediAdult Costume Mask – License Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerAdult Costume Mask – License Stranger ThingsAdult Costume Mask – License Suicide SquadAdult Costume Mask – License Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ClassicAdult Costume Mask – License The Flash TV SeriesAdult Costume Mask – License The FlintstonesAdult Costume Mask – License The HobbitAdult Costume Mask – License The MandalorianAdult Costume Mask – License The NunAdult Costume Mask – License The Predator (2018)Adult Costume Mask – License Universal MonstersAdult Costume Mask – License Wizard of OzAdult Costume Mask – License Wonder Woman MovieAdult Costume Mask – License ZorroAdult Costume ShoesAdult Costume Shoes – License DC Comics SuperheroesAdult Costume Shoes – License Marvel ClassicAdult Costume Shoes – License Star Wars ClassicAdult Costume Shoes – License Wizard of OzAdult Men’s Bottom’sAdult Men’s Bottom’s – License Marvel Black PantherAdult Men’s Bottom’s – License Michael JacksonAdult Men’s Bottom’s – License Spongebob SquarePantsAdult Men’s CostumeAdult Men’s Costume – License A Nightmare On Elm StreetAdult Men’s Costume – License Alien vs PredatorAdult Men’s Costume – License Ant-Man and the WaspAdult Men’s Costume – License AquamanAdult Men’s Costume – License ArrowAdult Men’s Costume – License Avengers: Age of UltronAdult Men’s Costume – License Avengers: EndgameAdult Men’s Costume – License Baby SharkAdult Men’s Costume – License Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeAdult Men’s Costume – License Batman: Arkham CityAdult Men’s Costume – License Batman: Batman TV Show 1966Adult Men’s Costume – License Batman: Brave and the BoldAdult Men’s Costume – License Batman: Classic BatmanAdult Men’s Costume – License Batman: Dark Knight TrilogyAdult Men’s Costume – License Batman: Gotham City Most WantedAdult Men’s Costume – License BeetlejuiceAdult Men’s Costume – License Black LightningAdult Men’s Costume – License Black Widow MovieAdult Men’s Costume – License BloodshotAdult Men’s Costume – License Captain MarvelAdult Men’s Costume – License Child’s Play 2Adult Men’s Costume – License ChristmasAdult Men’s Costume – License Curious GeorgeAdult Men’s Costume – License DC Comics SuperheroesAdult Men’s Costume – License DeadpoolAdult Men’s Costume – License Despicable Me 3Adult Men’s Costume – License Despicable Me Minion MadeAdult Men’s Costume – License Edward ScissorhandsAdult Men’s Costume – License ElfAdult Men’s Costume – License ElviraAdult Men’s Costume – License Elvis PresleyAdult Men’s Costume – License Five Nights At Freddy’sAdult Men’s Costume – License Friday the 13thAdult Men’s Costume – License Ghostbusters 3 MovieAdult Men’s Costume – License Ghostbusters ClassicAdult Men’s Costume – License Godzilla vs.