mortal kombat liu kang costume

5. Then just click on the name of that mod. Raiden’s “origin” costume. Not literally, but in that I wanted something that would reflect what the Shinto religion says the “real” Raiden looks like since that’s where the character’s name comes from. And Shinto says Raiden was a big ugly red demon who beats a drum to create thunder. For his clothes, I largely drew on his MKDA alt because I thought the giant samurai skirt-pants and long gloves went very well with the whole “Japanese demon” theme. One is “origin story clothes”, which you see with other characters, and another is “street clothes”, which is where I went with Kano. So for his non-fighting duds, I wanted Kano to be dressed like a gangster, so I thought of things like Scarface and Miami Vice because it feels natural to me to think of throwbacks to the 80’s when thinking of the mafia, and went with a leisure suit and big chain.

The main things that give it that flavor I think are the more of a turban look to his mask, with a loose veil, the long sash instead of a loincloth, and the baggy pants with cloth-wrapped feet. Experienced players will know the importance of the Kombat Kard and its power to earn you more experience or Koins per match – helping you push your faction forward or giving you extra chances to unlock items in the Krypt.

ERMAC – Ermac’s newer costumes in the games have had a sort of “Arabian” assassin flavor to them, so for his alt, I wanted to play that up a bit to make him more unique from the ninjas. One of my favourite costumes for Mileena – this design includes solid black and pink robes, “scaley” looking gloves and pinned up hair with a gold head band. I experimented with having him bald in this costume to go with the outfit, but it turns out that Liu with no hair at all really doesn’t look anything like Liu Kang to me, it just made him look like “generic monk”, and I didn’t want to lose any sense of the characters’ identities in their costumes. No one besides me prefer female characters with sexy costumes in fighting games ? Also note how in his alt, one of Johnny’s Shadow-Balls is red.

The red and white warpaint he’s wearing in this outfit is intended to be a small reference to the movie version of Reptile. But I gave him a red vest like he wore in the movie instead of a jacket, because I also like to sneak movie references in here and there when they don’t intrude on or contradict anything. Homemade Mortal Kombat Scorpion Costume: Get over here! With the first three games characters accounted for, there are several other entries into the Mortal Kombat (2011) roster. Doing this will help players adjust to the various characters before they venture into the game’s multi-player.