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REPTILE – Much like Ermac, Reptile’s MK1 story has him NOT participating in the tournament. Reptile is the whipped dog of MK, after all. He’s there to remain hidden and protect Shang Tsung as his bodyguard, and the fact that he’s there should be kept secret from the fighters so if anyone does make a move against Shang, they’ll never see Reptile coming to stop them. As such, Reptile is dressed for stealth and deception, he’s trying to dress similar to Scorpion and Sub-Zero to blend in with the crowd, and he’s disguising the color of his scales with his chameleon-powers, to look more like a human. I deliberately designed Reptile’s clothing to look both the most generic and devoid of logos or identifying marks of all the ninjas, and the most underprivileged and ragged, very much like Scorpion but even moreso.

Storywise, I added Nimbus to have a little more diversity, and moreso to have a character who would represent all the nameless, faceless guys who were invited to the MK tournament but have no superpowers and died during the bracket, because after all, MK1 is a deathmatch tourney and there were like 50 people invited, not just the seven you get to play as. After all, DOA 6 isn’t the best fighter, doesn’t offer the deepest character customization, and doesn’t quite reach the Tekken series’ level of story insanity. So my 8 year old Gavin is an avid gamer and decided he just had to be his favorite character Scorpion for a Mortal Kombat Halloween costume.

Team your Mortal Kombat costume with some awesome accessories, such as the Mortal Kombat Scorpion Sword, and you’re all set for Kombat! Check out this 2021 Movie Deluxe Mortal Kombat Scorpion Hanzo Hasashi Cosplay Costume and start saving big today! For other uses of the word mortal kombat, see the disambiguation page named mortal kombat. Mortal Kombat 11 continues the series tradition of chop-socky action and otherworldly mysticism to lay the foundation for military operatives, ninjas, gods, and monsters to punch each other squarely in the face. The latest Mortal Kombat film is no different, and here are just a few of the better interpretations of some of its classic characters and their costumes. Although commonly listed as the first Mortal Kombat game to have a tag team mode, this is not strictly true. This is the only game to show all Lin Kuei cyborgs in their human forms, before their automation.

The first helps with his stealth and the second demonstrates the poor treatment and disregard his masters show him. Storywise, the seven main characters were playable because they’re “the only survivors”. Only Noob Saibot’s UMK3 costume has been added as a separated character, which will be added in DLC characters section in the buttom left or right (depends on what player you are playing as: 1 or 2) side of the screen.