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If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. This one is a pack of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 costumes, which adds UMK3 DLC costumes for male ninja characters like: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Smoke and Ermac. Training mode is also required in order to unlock the Mortal Kombat X story mode, so it’s basically mandatory. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, with its fresh and returning characters, new fight systems (like the cool V-Skills and V-Triggers mechanics), interactive stages, Cinematic Story Mode, and cross-platform play with PlayStation 4 owners, finally makes the one-on-one fighting game a title to pick up even for gamers who don’t have Evo dreams.

Complete Chapter 10 in Story Mode. In Chapter 16, Kung Lao and Stryker as renevents first appear in their alternate costumes (The ones they died in.). Much like with Liu Kang, the costumiers had also looked back at the many iterations of Kung Lao’s costumes in the game for inspiration. Of all the characters in the movie, he was the one whose costume looked the most video game accurate. Mortal kombat x is a 2015 fighting video game developed by netherrealm studios and published by warner bros. Key: GA key Unlocks: Baraka’s alt bio Location/Time: A3 (tight of house) at Monday, 13:00 am Key: FN key Unlocks: Hua Chuan Video Location/Time: E2 Key: MR key Unlocks: Dark Prison Music Location/Time: C3 (inside beach house) Key: AS key Unlocks: Sub Zero’s alt bio Location/Time: C3 (near dojo) Key: RT key Unlocks: Scorpion’s alt bio Location/Time: D4 (back of hut) Key: SH key Unlocks: ?

NR.2 –KOIN CHESTS– A2 (inside hut): 300 platinum koins A3: 200 ruby koins A3: 300 sapphire koins A6: 300 platinum koins B5: 200 jade koins B6 (inside hut): 300 sapphire koins B8: 250 ruby koins C3: 200 onyx koins C5 (outside walls): 250 gold koins C6: 200 jade koins D5: 250 sapphire koins E5: 250 sapphire koins E8: 250 platinum koins F3: 300 sapphire koins F5: 300 ruby koins G3: 250 jade koins G6: 250 ruby koins G8: 250 ruby koins H5: 300 jade koins H7: 200 platinum koins NR.3 –ADDITIONAL KOINS– C7: Talk to guards after training with Ashrah: 15 gold koins E8 (inside cave at 10:00 pm): 1,000 onyx koins from Meat From female zombie walking in front of town: 250 ruby koins From another female zombie walking near town: 240 ruby koins From male zombie (B4) 240 gold koins NR.4 –KRYPT KEYS– Key: GM key Unlocks: ?

Unlock: Shujinko Fatality 1 Location/Time: C8, 12:00 am Key: MH key Unlock: Sindel’s alt costume Location/Time: H6 (inside hut, 7:00 pm) Key: DO key Unlock: Darrius’s Bio Card Location/Time: H8, 10:00 am Key: ML key Unlock: Tanya’s alt costume Location/Time: C3 (beat Tanya in Kombat. 2 rounds 350 koins B5: Tanya Don’t you know, Shujinko? 2 rounds 350 koins C3: Tanya (Complete Tanya’s mission first) Tanya is beautiful, but she is not to be trusted! Defeat Tanya while she is invisible 1 round 350 koins B1: Noob Saibot The Brotherhood of Shadow has found you! Defeat Mileena 3 times while she is healing 3 rounds 350 koins B1: Kabal (after burying his map) Kabal will prove that he is the greatest Black Dragon! 2 rounds 300 koins F7: Havik Havik will wreak Chaos upon you! This portal will take to the other portal (to the Nexus).