mileena mortal kombat cosplay

I cut them out leaving two inches extra all the way around. I had no idea how I was going to attach the thing to the tabard but decided I’d figure out a way to cross that bridge when I got to it. Using the leather punch then made holes on both sides of the leather shoulder pads and Stitched both front and back pieces of the tabard to the Pads the same way. Aside from the signature yellow tabard scorpion wears, the most distinctive accessory to the costume is of course, none other than the mask. Back of the tabard together the straps have a very heavy thick metal tips which I found out were called belt tips. So what I did was wrap them with wire and a thick layer of air-dry clay, again sanded and painted them with a metallic silver paint. It’s perfect same weave pattern exactly.

12 hours later it’s perfect. Mortal Kombat X unlock all characters and costumes – Mortal Kombat X is a fighting video game and the tenth installment of Mortal Kombat series. One of my favourite costumes for Mileena – this design includes solid black and pink robes, “scaley” looking gloves and pinned up hair with a gold head band. So my husband was sweet enough to give up what turned into an entire Saturday in Morro Bay, looking for these tips. After looking just about any and everywhere for the right fabric I notice a burlap sack in our shed. I found a great video on YouTube from make it mike props. So I spend a few days deliberating how I can make them a little sturdier. Quan Chi and Ermac are the other regular additions while PS3 users can play as God of War anti-hero Kratos.

They are all already unlocked. Following the video I made a plaster cast of my son’s face. This scary and nicely detailed overhead latex Baraka Adult Costume Mask from the Mortal Kombat video game would be a great addition to your costume, or the start of your own homemade design. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pits Marvel’s superheroes against Capcom’s video game characters in a frantic 3-vs.-3, tag team brawl. With Match of the Millennium’s rerelease, the secret best fighting game in the SNK vs. Match of the Millennium is a genuinely entertaining and rich fighting game that combines challenge and strategy with a hefty helping of lighthearted humor. Rich as I would have liked to so I decided to leave it in the dye overnight. After leaving it in the dye for about a half an hour as directions say the color is ok but not nearly as deep.

I did have one scrap of leather for which this did nothing and it didn’t dye at all. Out of the old leather tack we have I was able to cut 4 straps of the same length. They came out great. Then after a mix of 2 different yellow paints, pastels,crayons, yellow markers and even some yellow finger nail polish I had a pretty great replica of the Mortal Kombat X Scorpion mask.