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3 then run Disable Maximum Damage: ———————– Submitted by: Rajesh To Disable maximum damage,in two players mode in the loading screen hit block key of first and second player to know that the cheat is worked at starting of match you would see 1:1 maximum damage disabled. Hints: —— Submitted by: Neville Taylor When at the charicter select screen there are some combinations of buttons that can work on more than one charicter so i put all the charicters under their corresponding cheat. Go spinaroo with reptile’s weapon: ———————————- Submitted by: somesh mukherjee You can go spinnin with reptiles weapon.. Siddharth. To take the 1st fatality: ————————- Submitted by: Jyothis John First go to the Practice menu.

Hint: —– Subnitted by: tejdeep When you are defeated by your opponent you fall in the death pit when you are falling press START button the fighter selection will appear and you can choose and contiue the game with the chosen charater Hint: —– Submitted by: twister Enter cheat mode go to practice and hold space and j together at begginer and novice written for 10 sec. Submitted by: Ruchit Surati To make fatalities in the end,you have to press so many complecated keys which is almost impossible to do.

This area is only accessible if you have acquired Scorpion’s Spear. Location/Time: C6 Key: KI key Unlocks: Scorpion’s alt costume Location/Time: B6 2nd area Key: GP key Unlocks: ? Aside from the signature yellow tabard scorpion wears, the most distinctive accessory to the costume is of course, none other than the mask. As well as this you can always recreate a Scorpion look with any type of yellow contact lenses to fit in with his classic colours. That means you can use not only your fatalities but also your opponenets fatalities. But you can use the fatalities of an individual player through which you are playing. Use the thick thread to cover your calves. Details Looking for Mortal Kombat cosplay costumes with great price?

Pay close attention, there could be a few clues to what Kharacters we’ll see in the next MORTAL KOMBAT movie! Scorpion is a playable character in Mortal Kombat (2011), widely known as Mortal Kombat 9, being the 9th installment in the Mortal Kombat series. Your character will playing as Meat with all the moves of the character that was selected. HOWEVER Level Fatality is only possible in the Backround/Theater of the player with which you are playing. First get the cheat menu and activate any one of the Fatality(only one at atime). Single player stage select: ————————————— Enter the “Practice” menu. Start a single player game to begin at the desired stage.