female scorpion mortal kombat costume

This Mortal Kombat 2011 Alternate Outfit unlocking guide gives alternate costumes for each of the Mortal Kombat 2011 characters and shows you how to unlock them. While Jax initially has his arms in place – before Ermac rips them apart – most of the other characters remain the same, with only slight changes being made throughout the course of the franchise and for this game in particular. This is the first fighting game in the franchise to include battle intros.

The fighting game is part of the whole mortal kombat game franchise created by ed boon. Removes some of Reptiles bony, “creature like” features and replaces them with traditional leather fighting robes. KANO – There are a couple themes I like to stick to when it comes to alts. We recognize that there are a few coverage gaps. Story in MK1 are largely based on Christopher Lambert in the movie. I kept her hair shorter than the long ponytail she usually has in most games, because it was shorter in MK1 and in the concept art for Special Forces. And I put a spine in his hand ’cause I like every character to be posed using one of their special moves or showing some sort of personality, and Bi-Han was famous for the spine rip.

I also stuck a fingerless glove on his “Green Bolt throwing hand”. SONYA BLADE – Y’know, it’s really just her MK1 outfit with camo pants and combat boots instead of silly spandex and hi-tops. I also made sure to give him a wedding ring, ‘cuz, y’know, important part of his backstory. Then I thought “well those slippers look silly, let’s give him socks and tennis shoes like he wears in the other games”. I always thought it was weird that he wore red in the first game and then suddenly switched to blue for every game after, so I wanted to draw him with a blue belt. So Bi-Han’s armor is all blue plastic or some similar sort of lightweight material the modern, high-tech Lin Kuei would use. I also downplayed the blue in his color scheme since he didn’t wear any in MK1.

But it was important to me that THIS Sub-Zero not wear any heavy metal or look too armored because it’s Kuai Liang who wears armor in most of the games, not Bi-Han. It’s what he used to wear when he was young and fought in the tournament, according to the Official MK1 comic. Even the finale’s grim ending has absolutely no link to the official series whatsoever. JOHNNY CAGE – Johnny was the first character I ever redesigned, before I even had it in my head to do every single one. They’re both half-Chinese, half-white, but in my head Kuai Liang should always look a little bit more like John Turk so I figure his brother takes after their dad’s side more in the face. I made the head belong to a Masked Guard ’cause I like them but didn’t have any other place to draw ’em since they’re not name-characters.